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In order to ensure that you keep project costs low, our experienced team of estimators will work hard to eliminate unnecessary non-value added costs. Using the advanced estimation technology program, Callidus™, it allows us to automate the estimation process. This improves accuracy and turnaround time, while minimizing material waste. Enhanced customer communication and an audit trail of work performed allow us to keep your job on time and within budget.

This program allows us to  import drawings from AutoCAD as well as PDFs, JPEGs, TIFs, GIFs, and hard plans. This means you will be able to consolidate your resources and visualize your whole project with full colored CAD reports. These reports provide a wealth of detailed data from the yards of broadloom carpet required down to the specific finishes for each transition strip. With this exceptional planning technology, issues can easily identified and project change orders will be processed quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Between our team of seasoned estimators and the powerful technology of Callidus™, Flooring Resources has the skill to take out the guesswork of estimating and save your company money.