Flooring Resources is a wonderful resource for Architects & Designers. We have hundreds of years of combined experience with all types of flooring materials. Let our team help you find options and alternates when budgeting or value engineering.
Flooring Resources can do repairs, replacements, maintenance and cleaning for all types of flooring materials. We have many overstock products that can be used for a low-cost or temporary situation to improve a tenant space.
Flooring Resources has been working as a partner with general contractors from the very beginning. We value the strong relationships we hold with all of Chicagoland and the nation's largest general contractors.
What can a good dealer do for you? They install your product in a professional manner. They are dedicated to keeping their installers trained and up to date on certifications your products require. They run their business well, have strong lines of credit and are financially secure to pay for your material.
Flooring Resources holds its commitment to ensuring a quality finished job for Owners and End Users. Through our years of experience, we have developed strong ties to Manufacturers in all flooring products. Established in 1992 Flooring Resources was founded on the principles of putting our clients needs before our own.
Flooring Resources is a go-to resource for many property managers. We can assist you in budgeting and taking the guesswork out of refreshing tenant space. Our team is highly skilled and has many years of experience working in the commercial interiors market.