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Carpet Recycling

Committed to a Green Industry

Flooring Resources has diverted over 4,412,711 pounds of carpet from landfills since 2010!

FRC offers recycling and reclamation services throughout the Chicago metro area. The goal is simply to divert waste from landfills. We are committed to the recycling effort, promoting green business practices and preservation of the environment.

Recycling is important to Flooring Resources, but that isn't all we do. Quality is our number one goal and that doesn't stop when it comes to our "green" efforts. Whether it's doing our own part by using real coffee mugs instead of disposables in the office, or our fleet of trucks that run on bio-diesel, FRC as a whole company is committed to a green industry.

Easy Project Documentation

At FRC we fully support the green building movement! However, we know the headache of gathering required documentation. Upon completion of your project you may be required to provide supporting documents for the material you recycled. Flooring Resources provides Recycling Certificates tailored to your individual needs. Your certificate will include details on project location, date of recycling pickup, pounds of material recycled and location of processing. Our goal is to make your documentation process painless for green projects.

Download our Recycling Information & Checklist to help you prepare your material for pickup.