Occupied Office Carpet Replacement

Occupied Office Carpet Replacement

Replacing Existing Carpet

Traditionally, replacing the carpet in an occupied workplace is a cumbersome expensive process.  To get the carpet on the floor you need to get the furniture off the floor. This would require dismantling your furniture, removing the existing carpet, installing your new carpet and reinstalling your furniture. This would require a lot of downtime in a modular workstation environment.

Today's work environment is designed for high productivity. Downtime and overall costs must be kept to a minimum. This is why more and more companies have moved to modular furniture and modular carpet. FRC can replace your modular floor covering without disconnecting wires and cables within furniture systems or total breakdown of furniture systems. We provide cost effective solutions to carpet replacement through the patented furniture lift technology and tools. For carpet replacement in occupied work environments, Flooring Resources offers an efficient and economical alternative to dismantling and moving office furniture. It allows us to install new carpet without moving, packing or disconnecting existing data or electrical wires that reside within the furniture system.

No Downtime for Business

The best part about this is that there is no downtime to you. Our work is conducted at night or during your non business hours. When you arrive back to work the next day, nothing will be disturbed and new carpet will be on the floor. Our equipment and technology include a hand-controlled friction jacking system, custom fittings, patented freestanding lifting devices and other move tools that insure proper handling of all major furniture systems. In some instances, furniture lift can save a company up to 30 percent on carpet replacement.

Please contact a Flooring Resources representative for more information about occupied office carpet replacement.

Prepare Yourself

In order to better prepare your occupied office space for a furniture lift, check out our Office Preparation Checklist.

It's always important to make sure employees are aware and informed about what will take place on the night of the furniture lift. Download our Desk Card Reminders (FRC will also supply these) to place on all employee's desks the day of the lift.