Carpet Recycling Checklist

Chicago Flooring Resources is environmentally friendly we recycle carpet


  • Pre-loaded on skid by customer
  • Broadloom to be no greater than 4 ft. wide
  • Carpet Tile, 4 tiers no more than 4 ft. high
  • Shrink-wrapped
  • Pick up from dock only

Wondering what needs to be done in order to recycle with us? Download our Carpet Recycling Preparation Checklist.

The goal is simply to divert waste from landfills. Flooring Resources Corporation is committed to the recycling effort, promoting green business practices and preservation of the environment. We remain first in pounds recycled by our peers. To learn more, download our Environmental Policy.

Committed to a Green Industry

Flooring Resources has diverted over 4,412,711 pounds of carpet since 2010! We were awarded the 2010 Ecollect Award by ReSource Commercial Flooring Network, LLC. This year we hope to beat our own record and we’re picking up truckloads every day!

Recycling is important to Flooring Resources, but that isn't all we do. Quality is our number one goal and that doesn't stop when it comes to our "green" efforts. Whether it's doing our own part by using real coffee mugs instead of disposables in the office, or our fleet of trucks that run on bio-diesel, FRC as a whole company is committed to a green industry.