Entry Mats

Protect Your Floors

Entry mats or "walk off" mats can help extend the life of your flooring.  Dirt, water, and especially sidewalk salt here in Chicago winters can wreak havoc on your flooring.  Entry mats provide a transition from the outside to absorb dirt and water from your guests shoes.  In addition, properly placed entry mats can keep floors from getting wet and slippery, improving safety conditions in your facility. 

Types of Mats

There are several different manufacturers and types of mats. Mats are used in many different applications, but serve the same purpose. They are used to prevent the spread of unwanted soiling. One type of matting is in the form of carpet tiles or six- foot goods. This makes the transition from your entry mat to carpet seem more natural. There are also free standing mats. These types of mats are typically used in entrance ways with hard surfaces.  Additionally, architectural metal grate sytems can combine elements of carpet to remove dirt from shoes while providing a channel for moisture to drop below.  Let us help you find the best solution to your soiling problem.

We work with the following brands of entry mat systems.

  • Bonar Floors 
  • CS Group / Pedimats
  • Mats Inc. 
  • No Trax 
  • Nystrom
  • SBEMCO International 
  • Statfree
  • and More!
Entry Mats